Roblox is a block-based sandbox game that is based around its community's games, does not have a singleplayer base game, and allows partners to purchase and sell the IP within their games. It has 164 million active monthly users and an average age demographic of 8-15.
Roblox is a universal platform where creativity can flourish
Roblox has become a massive trend on YouTube & Twitch in recent years, particularly due to its engaging user-generated content and immersive experiences. Popular events like Roblox Royale High, Adopt Me, and Bloxburg have drawn in countless players and viewers. The game's community continues to grow and thrive, attracting players of all ages. The average age of a Roblox player is now around 13 years old, making it a popular choice for younger audiences.
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Million Daily Active Players
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Roblox is an engine that has garnered far less media attention in its lifespan than Minecraft, but with its exceptional versatility and vastly expansive userbase, it's the ideal platform for creating branded experiences suited for a wide audience. Roblox Studio is great because of its ease of access, but with an experienced team, it can be used to create unique and masterfully designed events.
Restaurant Tycoon
Restaurant Tycoon
Become a 5 star chief and start your own Restaurant. Hire staff, feed customers, and customize your menu to become the most beloved Restaurant in the world.
Thief Simulator
Thief Simulator
Thief Simulator allows players to simulate the life of a thief by stealing treasure, goods, and precious items.
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