Fortnite is a highly successful game with 250 million monthly players and over 3 million concurrent players, known for its innovation, quality assurance, and frequent updates. It is popular across a broad age range, with its most popular demographic being 14-17, and has even outperformed Minecraft in terms of YouTube viewership.
Fortnite brings together worlds from every corner of the internet.
Fortnite is a popular game known for its action-packed battles, survival elements, and building mechanics. It has a large presence on YouTube and Twitch, with millions of players tuning in to watch streams. Its Battle Royale mode has become a cultural phenomenon with events like the World Cup attracting large audiences. The game's community includes players of all ages, with the average player being around 15 years old.
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Fortnite is a game that opens up a world of possibilities, with its bountiful crossover events, many of which have become permanent Or fixtures in the game's online item shop. Not only does its devoted playerbase bring in many new eyes to potential branded content set within the game, but the game itself is built in Unreal Engine, which allows for much more complex manipulation of its assets, and means that our coders can always put their own personal touches on projects made with Fortnite in mind.
Bank of Chile
Bank of Chile
The Bank of Chile partnered with Teledon for a national charity event and created an in-game bank experience.
Burger King
Burger King
Burger King of Chile commissioned an in-game experience centered around a thrilling race track.
CocaCola Chile commissioned "Fanta's Battle Royale," a 50-player battle royale game mode.
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